Vision - Mission Statement

Our mission

To help people with our products to a healthy life and to respect nature. Every day, going by our principles we enforce these goals for a better future for us all.

Our products

Quality is the focus. Sustainable farming, fair and equitable trade of stevia raw materials and products ,that are grown with great care by the farmers improve the living conditions of people, that grow the stevia plant. All of this is very important to us and we work every day to continue improving.

Our customers

Together we welcome diversity, an environment which is characterized by respect and dignity. Interpersonal relationships are an essential part of our success and our customers. We commit ourselves to meet this high standard every day.

Our environment

We take our responsibility to be good partners seriously and would like to be welcomed wherever we operate. We can make positive changes by bringing our partners, customers and the community together. But our responsibility - and our potential to do good - is still greater.


We achieve success by fulfilling our promise to each of these areas, which also benefits our customers.