Environmental  protection

Environment and Conservation is a priority for the Stevia Group.

The Stevia Group Environmental Policy is committed to environmental protection in all areas of the company.

This task includes:

  • Responsibility towards our environment
  • Development of innovative solutions that make improvements and protect the environment and resources
  • To buy ,use and trade with environmentally friendly products only
  • Passing on the links between environmental and economic success.
  • The involvement of all partners in environmental protection.
  • Measures that lead to waste prevention
  • By recycling we obtain and conserve the natural resources of our planet and raise the  quality of life for all people

An example from our company: to protect forests we have reduced in-house paper consumption significantly. Stevia Group uses only web fax, which means that we don’t use paper, since the incoming faxes are not printed, but immediately digitized as PDF document.

Other benefits for the environment:

  • No consumption of toner and disposal
  • No consumption of paper and waste disposal.
  •  No disposal of electrical equipment.
  •  No power consumption.

Please support the global climate protection engagement of Stevia Group by using our download offer on the Internet. Hence we use less paper and protect our forests and nature.

Stevia Group in Germany - we have a responsibility!

For our customers, our environment, our children, for all of us.