The ideal sugar substitute: steviapuraPlus sweetener

The ideal sugar substitute: steviapuraPlus sweetener granules

The stevia sweetener full of possibilities

The steviapuraPlus sweetener is ideal for a low-calorie diet suitable and can be used almost as versatile in cooking or baking as sugar. Looks like sugar, is easy to dose and tastes like sugar. The healthy sugar alternative sweetener steviapuraPlus combines many advantages over sucrose. Looks like sugar, is easy to dose and tastes like sugar. The healthy sugar alternative steviapuraPlus scattered sweetness combines many advantages over sucrose.

Sugar is consumed in high amounts frequently the cause of obesity and promotes a variety of possible sequelae. The stevia granules steviapuraPlus is to reduce the healthy alternative to sugar consumption. The Stevia sweetener / granules have a crystalline structure as consisting of the natural sugar and sugar alcohol erythritol and Steviolglykosiden/Rebaudiosid-A-97%, obtained from the stevia rebaudiana plant.

Use and dosage of stevia as a sweetener sweetener

The use of stevia sweetener steviapuraPlus is very simple. How to save stray sweetness as sugar with stevia alternative many calories and do not give up sweets.

Sweet without remorse. Enjoy the healthy sugar alternative that stevia sweetener for sweet tooth and love to all who love sweets. The sweetness of a teaspoon sweetener steviapuraPlus the same volume and the same sweetening power as one teaspoon of sugar is that it's very simple. The stevia granules is very easy to use and dosage, the sweetening power as sugar is 1 to 1. Very easy to dose and just replace the amount of sugar to 1 1 in baking and cooking with stevia sweetener in recipes.

The special recipe of steviapuraPlus sweetener ensures that they can be used in varied cuisine and is ideal for many cooking and baking recipes. The stevia sweetener granules is versatile. Ideal for low calorie sweeteners, cooking and baking. Replace conventional sugars and sweeteners easy with sweeteners of stevia sweetener from the stevia rebaudiana plant. Thus, desserts, ice cream, yogurt, jam, milk shakes, cereal, fruit salad and pudding can be sweet and and refine simultaneously can save so many calories.

Stevia sweetener has a pleasant sweetness without the calories of sugar. Because instead of about 16 kcal of a teaspoon of sugar has the same amount steviapuraPlus no calorie sweetener. Diabetics appreciate the approved in the EU sweetener from the stevia plant, stevia neutral insulin and also is kind to teeth. Enjoy the calorie-free stevia sweetness, sugar substitute, which helps you a health-conscious diet. Sweeteners with steviol glycosides from the stevia plant have the advantage that they are low in calories and tooth friendly towards sugar. Especially diabetics so sweet because stevia is insulin neutral, does not affect blood sugar and a glycemic index of 0.

Product Features:

with Steviolglykosiden/Rebaudiosid-A-97% from the stevia plant
ideal for baking and cooking
glycemic index of 0
replace sugar in recipes 1 to 1

Quality of stevia sweetener

Only high quality steviol glycosides and rebaudioside-A with a purity of at least 97% are used for the production of steviapuraPlus sweetener. The extraction of steviol glycosides extracted from the stevia plant of the home country Paraguay done in a gentle way and without additives. Try the steviapuraPlus sweetener excellent quality. This stray sweetness / granules can be in 350g, 700g and 1000g buy pack.

The sweetness of stevia herb from Paraguay

Even the Indians in Paraguay, the Guarani Indians know as the "Caa-hee" or also called honey herb for centuries. The indigenous peoples used the extract from the stevia rebaudiana plant to sweeten or as a remedy for blood pressure and indigestion. Discovered in 1887, a native of Switzerland, botanist Moses Bertoni on a trip to Paraguay, stevia plant and found that your way to Europe.

It took a long time until the sweet ingredients that steviol glycosides from the Stevia rebaudiana plant in December 2011 were also approved in the EU as a sweetener. European consumers who value a health-conscious diet now use Stevia extracts as a sweetener.