Stevia liquid table top sweeteners

The liquid stevia sweetness

The intense sweetness steviapura liquid stevia also called the fluid is obtained from the natural ingredients of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, called steviol glycosides and rebaudioside-A. The purity of steviol glycosides / Rebaudioside-A used for the production of 95%.

This liquid stevia sweetener is a composition of the stevia extract, the steviol glycosides, water, and sodium benzoate, which is necessary for reasons of durability. With the clear steviapura sweetener stevia you buy a quality product which is widely used worldwide by health-conscious consumers.

The use of liquid stevia as a sweetener fluid

The use of the liquid, clear extract is very easy thanks to the practical drip dispenser. The dosage of stevia liquid is very economical and 4 drops equivalent to a cube of sugar. So you can save with stevia liquid sugar as an alternative, many calories and do not give up sweets.

The stevia liquid drops are versatile and easy to use. Ideal for cooking and baking, the low calorie sweetener for hot or cold beverages, especially coffee, chocolate or tea.

Replace conventional liquid sweeteners simply with liquid sweeteners from the stevia rebaudiana plant. Thus, desserts, ice cream, yogurt, jam, milk shakes, cereal, fruit salad and pudding can be sweet and refine simultaneously sichviele can save calories.

Athletes use the liquid stevia sweetener for low calorie sweetening of energy drinks (energy drinks) and protein shakes.

Diabetics appreciate the approved in the EU sweetener from the stevia plant, stevia neutral insulin and in addition it is not tooth-friendly. The contents of a 80ml bottle of liquid stevia steviapura equivalent to about 2.500 g sugar. Enjoy the calorie-free stevia sweetness that you started with a health-conscious diet.

Sweet stevia drops from Paraguay

Even the Indians in Paraguay, the Guarani Indians know as the "Caa-hee" or also called honey herb for centuries. The indigenous peoples used the extract from the stevia rebaudiana plant to sweeten or as a remedy for blood pressure and indigestion. Discovered in 1887, a native of Switzerland, botanist Moses Bertoni on a trip to Paraguay, stevia plant and found that your way to Europe.

It took a long time until the sweet ingredients that steviol glycosides from the Stevia rebaudiana plant in December 2011 were also approved in the EU as a sweetener. European consumers who value a health-conscious diet are now using liquid stevia as a sweetener.