Stevia as a sugar substitute

SteviapuraPlus Granulated granulated sweetener

The Stevia scattered sweetness full of possibilities

The steviapuraPlus scattered sweetness is ideal for a calorie-conscious diet and is almost as versatile in cooking or baking as sugar. Looks like sugar, is easy to dose and tastes like sugar. The healthy sugar alternative steviapuraPlus powdered sweetener combines many advantages over sucrose. Looks like sugar, is easy to dose and tastes like sugar. The healthy sugar alternative steviapuraPlus powdered sweetener combines many advantages over sucrose.

Sugar consumed in high quantities is often the cause of obesity and favours a variety of possible secondary diseases. The steviapuraPlus stevia granulate is the healthy alternative to reduce sugar consumption. The Stevia granulated sweetness has a crystalline structure like sugar and consists of the natural sugar alcohol erythritol and the steviol glycosides/rebaudioside A-98%, which are extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant.

Use and dosage of Stevia sweetener as a sweetener

The use of Stevia steviapuraPlus powdered sweetener is very easy. With Stevia Sweetener as a sugar alternative, you can save many calories and do not have to give up sweets.

Sweetening without regrets. Enjoy the healthy sugar alternative, the Stevia Sweetener for those with a sweet tooth and all those who love sweets. The sweetening power of a teaspoon of steviapuraPlus powdered sweetness has the same volume and sweetening power as a teaspoon of sugar, it is very easy to use. The Stevia granules are very easy in dosage and use, the sweetening power is 1 to 1 like sugar. It is very easy to dose and when baking and cooking with the Stevia Powdered Sweetener in recipes simply replace the amount of sugar 1 to 1.

 The special recipe of steviapuraPlus Powdered Sweetener ensures that it can be used in many different ways in the kitchen and is ideal for many cooking and baking recipes. The stevia powdered sweetener granules can be used in many ways. Ideal for low-calorie sweetening, cooking and baking. Simply replace conventional sugar and sweeteners with sweeteners from the Stevia sweetness powder from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. This can be used to sweeten and refine desserts, ice cream, yogurt, jam, milk shakes, cereals, fruit salad and pudding, while saving many calories.

Stevia scattered sweetness provides a pleasant sweetness without the calories of sugar. Because instead of the approx. 16 kcal of a teaspoon of sugar, the same amount of steviapuraPlus powdered sweetness has no calories. Diabetics appreciate the EU-approved sweetener from the stevia plant, which is neutral to stevia insulin and also tooth-friendly. Enjoy the calorie-free Stevia Sweetener, the sugar substitute that supports you in a health-conscious diet. Sweeteners with steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant have the advantage of being low in calories and tooth-friendly compared to sugar. Especially diabetics sweeten with it because Stevia is insulin-neutral, does not affect blood sugar levels and has a glycemic index of 0.

Product features:

  • with steviol glycosides/rebaudioside-A-98% from the Stevia plant

  • low-calorie

  • optimal for baking and cooking

  • Insulin-neutral

  • glycaemic index of 0

  • tooth-friendly

  • replaces sugar 1 to 1 in recipes

Quality of the Stevia scattered sweetness

Only high-quality steviol glycosides and rebaudioside A with a purity of at least 98% are used in the production of steviapuraPlus powdered sweeteners. The extraction of the steviol glycosides, which are obtained from the plants of the Stevia homeland Paraguay, is carried out in a gentle manner and without additives. Try the excellent quality of steviapuraPlus powdered sweetener. You can buy this powdered sweetness / granule in 350g, 700g and 1000g packs.