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Stevia - Sweetener - Erythritol - Sugar substitute Sprinkle sweetener with stevia for cooking and bake cake. This streusüße can be used like ordinary sugar because of its baking and cooking ability. It is ideal for baking, sweetening or refining and has no aftertaste or side flavour. The steviapura® Stevia Sweetener can be used in many ways in the kitchen, for baking or cooking, for desserts or fruit salads and is an interesting sugar alternative, because the stevia Sweetener is sweetened with steviol glycosides, the sweetener from the stevia plant. Enjoy sweet and calorie-free! The stevia sweetener convinces with its taste and easy handling. Spoon by spoon, easy to dose like sugar, it's fun to use this calorie-free sugar substitute. The Stevia plant originates from South America, where it is traditionally used to sweeten food and drinks. Erythritol or Erythritol is a calorie-free and natural sugar alternative which occurs in small amounts, e.g. in fruit, e.g. in melons and grapes. Stevia sweetener is a tasty combination of erythritol and steviol glycosides from the stevia plant. The appearance and taste of Stevia sweetener is comparable to sugar. The easy use in the kitchen makes it easy to sweeten without calories. With the streusüße hot drinks or fruit can be sweetened well and is ideal for baking and cooking. Baking without sugar and calories is that easy. What is erythritol? Is a sugar substitute also known under the trade name Erythrit (E 968) or Sukrin, Sucolin and Xucker. It is one of the sugar alcohols produced by the fermentation of glucose and is found in small amounts in natural forms such as cheese, fruit and pistachios. Unlike sugar, erythritol has no calories and its sweetening power is only about 60-65% of that of sugar. Erythritol has a crystalline appearance like sugar. Erythritol has no influence on our blood sugar level, as it is virtually not metabolized in our body. This avoids cravings. Another advantage over other sugar alcohols is that there is no occasional flatulence, as almost 90% of the erythritol is simply excreted in the urine. The tooth-friendly sweetener is made from 100 percent natural erythritol and is completely calorie-free and therefore also suitable for diabetics. Erythritol looks like sugar and tastes like sugar. Everything you need to know about Erythritol for application and ingredients.
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All Natural Sweetener steviapuraPlus | the sugar substitute with erythritol and stevia - 350g

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1,43 € per 100 g

Scatter Sweetness steviapuraPlus | the sugar substitute with erythritol and stevia - 500g

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steviapuraPlus sweetener - spoonable 700g

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steviapuraPlus sweetener - spoonable 1000g

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steviapuraPlus sweetener - spoonable 1500g

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steviapuraPlus sweetener - spoonable 2000g

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steviapuraPlus sweetener - spoonable 2500g

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steviapuraPlus sweetener - spoonable 5000g

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