Legal information

Stevia-Pura-products of the Stevia-Group meet all requirements that are placed on foods regarding purity and pollution. The limits of pesticide residues in stevia leaves of the Stevia- Group are met in accordance with § 35 LMBG L 00.00-34 and Table 1. ph.eur (European Pharmacopoeia) 2005, Section 8.2.13.

Stevia Pura products are fully approved as sweeteners for export outside the EU. In Canada, the United States, they are considered dietary supplements.
With the conclusion of a contract, you acknowledge that you have read terms and conditions, understood and accept them without any objection or limitation. Stevia Group assumes no liability for improper use.


Stevia Group does not make diagnoses, neither directly or indirectly, nor gives medical advice or prescribes the use of any of our products for the treatment of illness or suffering. In the EU it is forbidden by law  to make statements about the therapeutic effect of a dietary supplement. On the websites of Stevia Group, we quote several scientific publications and studies, we are not responsible for their contents and results. The statements contained in this website can never replace a doctor's visit.

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