200x300mm vacuum bag

    Sealed-edge vacuum bags in proven...

Sealed-edge vacuum bags in proven professional quality for chamber vacuum machines.

Vacuum pouch sealed edge pouch 200x300mm , PA-PE 20/70 = 90 my smooth vacuum pouch for vacuum machines with chamber .

Our film is mainly used in the food industry. eg butchers, butchers, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, canteen kitchens and canteens. Vacuum bags sealed edge bags without structure, smooth in different sizes. The vacuum bags-cooking bags-flat bags have a thickness of 90my and are BPA free. These boil-proof chamber vacuum bags are also sous vide suitable.

Product details:

·          Size: 20 x 30 cm

·          Sealing temperature: 110 - 180 ° C (depending on machine and product)

·          Temperature resistance: -20 ° C to + 85 ° C

·          90my strong

·          PA / PE - composite films 20/70 (90my)

·          LDPE

·          Transparent

·          BPA free

·          Suitable for sous vide

These bags are characterized in particular by their very good mechanical properties, high gas barriers and low air pulling rates.

Please note:

The vacuum bags - sealed edge bags - Vacuum bags are smooth and specially developed for vacuum chamber machines.

These vacuum bags are not suitable for external vacuum household vacuum devices (with these devices, the bag is placed in front of the device), they require vacuum bags with structure (GOFFRIERT, honeycomb structure) to function.

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