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Stevia tablets sweetener tablets

Stevia Tabs Value Pack | Sweetener | Sugar substitute Free donor

Calorie-free sweetness for coffee, tea and drinks.

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10,000 Stevia Tabs | Stevia tablets refill with practical dispenser.

Stevia sweetener tablets in an environmentally friendly large pack.

Table sweetener based on steviol glycosides 10,000 tablets.

We only use high-quality steviol glycosides / rebaudioside-A with a purity of at least 95%, the sweet ingredients from the stevia plant. steviapura® Stevia Tabs, the ideal sugar substitute, supports you in healthy eating, dieting and losing weight. steviapura® tabs are the healthy alternative to sugar and sweeteners. Low calories, easy to dose and healthier than sugar are good reasons to buy Stevia Tabs.

Easy dosage of the Stevia tabs

The Stevia tabs are ideal for sweetening hot and cold drinks such as coffee or tea. The small Stevia tablets are very easy to dose. One Stevia tablet corresponds to approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Stevia Tabs refill packs

With the Stevia Tabs refill packs, the Stevia Tabs dispenser can be refilled at any time. In the Stevia online shop you can buy cheap Stevia refill packs.

Stevia tabs in a practical dispenser

Whether at home or on the go - the practical Stevia Tabs dispenser fits in any handbag or jacket pocket. So you can effortlessly sweeten your drinks on the go. The dispenser is very easy to refill, thus protecting the environment and valuable resources.

A calorie-free sugar alternative that comes from the natural raw material of the stevia plant. This dispenser is handy and practical and fits in every pocket! Simply enjoy sugar-free with Stevia sweetener tablets anytime, anywhere.

Sweeteners with steviol glycosides from the stevia plant have the advantage that they are low in calories and tooth-friendly compared to sugar. Even diabetics sweeten your drinks with it, because stevia is insulin neutral and does not affect blood sugar levels.

Not only for diabetics, vegans but for everyone who wants to reduce their sugar consumption .

Product features:

Stevia Sweetener Tablets | Stevia tablets


Product description:

Tabletop sweetener on the basis of steviol glycosides

 Ingredients: Erythritol|sweetener steviol glycosides, Rebaudioside A [18 g/100 g] with a purity of at least 95%|Sodium bicarbonate |Monosodium Carbonate | L-Leucine 

Quality: Premium quality from the best raw materials

Manufactured: in Germany according to IFS, GMP standard

Storage: Cool and dry

Packaging: Dosage dispenser is refillable

Taste: very sweet

Suggested uses: for sweetening coffee, tea and hot and cold drinks


Nutrition Table

Average nutritional information

Per 100g

Per piece



steviapura Tablets

(1667 pieces)


per piece


Calorific value

870 kJ (208 kcal)

0,52 kJ (0,1 kcal)


2000 kcal


0,0 g

0,0 g


50 g


40,5 g

0,02 g


270 g

of which sugar

0,0 g

0,0 g




0,0 g

0,0 g


70 g

of which saturated fatty acids

0,0 g

0,0 g


0,0 g

Dietary fibre

0,0 g

0,0 g


0,0 g


0,0 g

0,0 g


0,0 g

* Indicative value based on a diet of 2000kcal daily intake of an average adult.

















steviapura® Stevia Tablets WITHOUT:

Flavouring, dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, sorbitol, sugar and without artificial sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame, maltodextrin, saccharin, cyclamate or sucralose.

Ideal for hot and cold drinks.

Especially in fruit, herbal but also in black tea our unique Stevia recipe develops a balanced sweet aroma and taste.

The calorie-free enjoyment of Stevia Sweetness also harmonizes with coffee and other hot and cold drinks.

Thanks to the practical and handy mini-dispensers of steviapura®, the Stevia tablets are easy to dispense and are an ideal companion when you are on the go.

One tablet is equivalent to the sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar.

You save 20 kcal for each teaspoon of sugar that you replace with one steviapura® Stevia tablet. In one year, this corresponds to about 4.2 kg of fatty tissue with four cups of coffee or tea a day.


We do not use chemical tablet coats in the interest of the consumer. This causes the tablets in the dispenser to wear off, which can lead to blocking. Simply rinse the dispenser under warm running water and press the green button several times. Then let it dry well and the dispenser will work properly again.

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5 from 5 A matter of taste

In general I dont write many reviews but after seeing that none is currently available in English, I thought I give it a try.
Stevia is a matter of taste and it took me quite some time to find the proper tabs for my liking. I use them for tea alone and consider the aftertaste of Stevia pura to be the least irritating. In addition, they are available in all sorts of quantities, making it easy to choose the best value-for-money ratio and save the environment. No matter what kind of dispenser you are currently using (even the cheap plastic ones from different producers), I found all of them could be re-used with a refill pack.
On a sidenote, I experienced the service of this producer to be very customer friendly. They have even given me a call back (in a timely manner) at the weekend and this was done based on my previous, unsuccessful attempt alone (I did not leave a number or anything).
In conclusion, this is the product for me and I can only recommend it. If you want to support the producer, please do not buy on Amazon. Stevia pura is available in drugstores and some supermarkets. For larger quantities I recommend this webpage.

., 17.06.2019
Total entries: 1